The origin of only BIGGER thinking

I first scrawled the term “only bigger thinking” on the front cover of a Moleskine notepad during a time of intense personal frustration and futility, determined to find a way to think and live beyond the relentless daily press of cynicism and division.  Since that time, these words have become a sort of mantra for me; a constant echoing reminder of what is possible in our lives, in our communities, and in our world when we challenge the limiting assumptions that separate us with the shared experiences that connect us.  More than anything, only bigger thinking means leading with a bold and active love and lifting up the true stories, dreams, and questions which burn in our hearts.  That is what I hope to do, in some small way, with only BIGGER thinking.  I’ll try my best to get something new up every week or so, and look forward to welcoming a number of guest bloggers as well.  Thanks so much for your time and consideration!  – Jeff Bauer, Saint Paul, MN

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